New campaign giving a honor to the Culture of Design

On January 6th, 2021, Cartier released that they run a new campaign devoting designs symbolized their brand. 

These designs are instantly recognizable amongst the Cartier registers. Timeless, still modern as ever and loved throughout the decades… Cartier look back at the legendary stories behind their first sketches with the Cartier Culture of Design. One uncompromising feature for all is a line that is both clean and precise. This concept is the Maison’s signature. Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère and Ballon Bleu: their stories and designs defy the decades.

In addition to design summarized whole collection, an unique design focused on each collection appears in this campaign, which is published at once on the social media and Cartier official website( 

Contacts: Cartier customer service center  Tel:0120-301-757 
Cartier ofificial website:

January 20, 2021