How to look for the watch repairer

Our website provides the information on either the dedicated service centers or watch repairers, following your needs. Let’s find out it here in order to your watch’s maintenance and overhaul.     

  • The dedicated service center and the independent watch repairer

    For the watch repair, you can choose either the dedicated service center or the independent watch repairer. The former is operated by the Swiss watch manufacturer or the watch importer. They offer the repair service based on their after service standard, thus both the repair service under the warranty card and replacement of the original spare parts are available. The latter is generally the so-called independent watch repairer who offers various watch repair service without distinctions of brands. (Beforehand please contact with the repairer about the watch brand which they can repair.)  
    At the first, you should check if the dedicated service center of your watch exists in Japan. If it doesn’t have, please let’s find out the nearby independent repair.  

  • Searching procedure of the watch repairer on the website 

1. Please click the third black box in the bottom right on our home page, “Address in Japan”. 
2. In the next page, please click either “Manufacturers' subsidiaries / importers / after sales service centers” or ”Independent watch repairers” 

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Addresses in Japan 
You will find below the lists of addresses of manufacturers' subsidiaries, importers, after sale service centers along with independent watch repairers throughout Japan. 

 -Manufacturers' subsidiaries / importers / after sales service centers 
 -Independent watch repairers  

3. How to search on each page

The pare of “Manufacturers' subsidiaries / importers / after sales service centers”

① In the page of “Manufacturers' subsidiaries / importers / after sales service centers”, you can search the watch brand name by alphabet. For each brand name, as the service center contact is shown, please check the service center for your watch.   
② In the page of “Independent watch repairers”, the repair shop is introduced for each prefectures. Please scroll down and look for the neighborhood repair shop. This page provides the repair shop’s details like location, Telephone and its website. Please contact directly to the watch shop about the repairable watch brand and its quotation.   

For further information, please contact freely to FH Tokyo.  

Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Tokyo Center  
TEL: 03-3221-9678

May 25, 2020