“Ball Watch holds the Instagram campaign”

 BALL Watch Japan started the Instagram campaign, which is titled as “#Let’s wear the BALL Watch”, from 6th July to 31st August for summer vacation and outdoor season. During the campaign, you will be given a JTB travel ticket (100,000 yen) or original goods by lottery, when you follow the Instagram of BALL Watch Japan (@ball_watch_japan_1891)and post photos, which are taken with BALL Watch, with the hash tag.  

  The Instagram campaign titled “# Let’s wear the Ball watch” 
Periods for  entry
July 6th – August 31th, 2020
Application method


① Follows on the official Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/ball_watch_japan_1891/
② Posts photos of the Ball watch to the Instagram  
※ Please post pictures of outdoor scenes such as river, sea, mountain, firework and night activities, which you want to go wearing  the Ball watch.

【important】When you contribute the pictures, please add the following hashtag # let’s wear the Ball watch
# Ball watch
Selection process  Both the first prize and the second prize will be chosen by the staff of The Ball Watch Japan.   
The Gift

The first prize for a winner : JTB travel tickets of 100,000 yen
The second prize for five second winners: Ball original collection box 
Announcement of the winner

Ball staff will contact with the prizewinners by the direct mail of the Instagram within one month after the closing date. 
Please click here for the further information    https://www.ballwatch.co.jp/2020_post_my_ballwatch/

Contacts:Ball Watch Japan Corp. TEL:03-3221-7807 



July 27, 2020