Revue FH

Revue FH は、当協会が隔週発行する時計業界誌です。FHの仕事や活動、ブランドや新製品に関する最新ニュース、さらに時計業界に関連する幅広いテーマを取り上げた多くの記事を掲載。すべての記事はフランス語と英語で発行されます。

In the 1/2019 edition of 17.01.2019:

Swiss-China: fourth meeting of the horology working group

Established within the framework of the bilateral free trade agreement, the Swiss-Chinese working group met in Shenzhen on December 4th and 5th 2019, from which we provide this report.

Race for Water: a year in review

Breguet joined Race for Water in March 2018 as the main sponsor of a five-year program with a crucial mission for the oceans. Breguet committed to support the Race for Water pioneering vessel sailing the seas around the world and to contribute to raising awareness among the decision-makers and general public.

Galop d’Hermès or a new take on the stirrup

A dreamlike arch, a futuristic space vessel, a transformed stirrup, or all three at once: such are the credentials of this new collection created in cooperation with a student at the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL).